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Posted on 13 August 2013

Hello Everyone,

It's time for our first fashion edition from Beautifully Undressed HQ! Today's hot trend is "Monochrome"

This retro style has boomeranged back onto the catwalk and is sure to be a big style this winter. The black and white colour scheme is simple yet so bold! It screams sassy and classy! The two stark colours make a huge contrast and can easily be paired with any item in your wardrobe!


Some hot monochrome items to tickle your black and white taste buds!

This hot trend looks even sexier on lingerie!


This beautiful Fleur Of England - Wild at Heart body really rocks the monochrome trend and can be paired with some skinny jeans and some super hot heels!


Beyonce looking hot at the Grammies! If she can work it you definitely can!

But wait... The monochrome trend doesn't stop there! Even makeup artists and beauticians have taken advantage of this fashion craze and have incorporated it into their work as well.


This eye makeup really draws attention to your face and can make your eyes seem bigger than they really are; and the monochrome colours give it that extra wow factor!


And last but not least we have monochrome nail art! This adaption of the black and white trend is great because you don't have to break the bank to pull it off! The designs above just show what you can do with a bit of creativity! We're even trying out this look at Beautifully Undressed HQ!

So shop about look around; there is a bit of monochrome out there for everyone!

Remember stay Beautifully Undressed! From yours truly,

BU Girl at-large xoxo

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