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Play Experience, 7 Shades of Red Erotic party – Beautifully Undressed Musings

Posted on 25 August 2016

The connection between lingerie and sex has always been up for debate – the objectification of women being the main concern. However for devotees of luxury lingerie, including myself as the founder of Beautifully Undressed, an online emporium for lingerie lovers, the feeling that one derives from beautiful lingerie on ones body can best be described as incredibly empowering. Many lingerie obsessives will espouse to lingerie being an absolute appreciation and celebration of the female body and sexuality adorned.  One feels feminine and above all sublimely confident.

 Some women including myself will profess to wearing something sexy under everyday or work clothes on a regular basis -

“Nothing compares to the feeling of sumptuous silk & lace on bare skin, an exquisite bra and brief set worn under jeans and a white T & hot Louboutin’s (of course) going about your daily life – it’s your secret! You feel amazing and deliciously womanly - you walk, talk and feel you can take on the world…and you do! " This is the power of embracing your sexuality, this in my opinion, is the power of lingerie.

For a man or (woman) seeing your woman in flattering lingerie that emphasizes her beautiful body, and clearly exuding confidence as result is an absolute turn on (who doesn’t like seeing their woman in sumptuous lace, teasing and indulging you with her beauty)

 We’re in the business of helping women embrace their ‘Queendom’ because we truly believe the women we dress desires to feel incredible, in our lingerie and this translates to her partner(s) (we don’t judge) and ultimately to her sex life being fulfilled and of course sexual discovery equates to an awakening of the mind and senses taking ones relationship to a powerful level.

 Our motto is ‘ Love, Luxe, Lingerie’ we are a reflection of the desires of real women, who want to feel seductive, flirty, feminine, sexy sometimes delicately naughty but always beautifully (UN)DRESSED! More than a lingerie boutique, we’re about a lifestyle, a statement of aspiration– a truly covetable luxurious experience.

 So for Beautifully Undressed’s collaboration with PLAY EXPERIENCE is a natural progression, where sexuality in all it’s form and beauty is embraced and celebrated with sophistication and class with like minded empowered and sexually charged lovers of life; a space where minds are open and trusting and committed to making one another feel incredible.

 Of course we appreciate that erotic parties are not for every one as there has to be a tremendous amount of trust and understanding between couples, but where this has been established exploring ones sexuality with other partners can intensify and improve relationships – as insecurities are abandoned, and inhibitions disappear, and growth and a profound sense of love develops.

 We’re excited to be collaborating with the wonderful Sarah Jane – CEO of Play Experience on her next London based erotic party titled, Seven Shades of Red this Saturday 27th. Inspired by the Great Gatsby and the decadent world of burlesque, this event is the perfect platform for all senses to be seduced and sexual journeys explored. We are promised a night to remember for the sexual elite, with sophisticated debauchery the aim of the game… how delicious! Beautifully Undressed will be showcasing our selection of finest lingerie in the finest laces, silk satin and latex, from some of the UK’s finest fashion forward brands – including our own label collection as well as luscious seduction accessories to add some naughty indulgence to proceedings. From sumptuous bras, playful baby-dolls, tantalizing panties & spicy toys, we will have it all! We also have some amazing brands coming on board catering to the sensual and erotic and with 7 Shades of Red in mind!

 Beautifully Undressed is elated to be part of this our first Play Experience party and we can't wait to participate in future events all over the world! We're privileged to be in a position to empower women to feel beautiful in their skin, by manifesting sensual fantasies and heightening sexual play and exploration via our love of beautiful lingerie!

 Annabelle Mu’azu – Founder & CEO, Beautifully Undressed





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