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The State of the Beautifully Undressed, By Holloway Smith Noir

Posted on 09 February 2014

I'm so happy to have our first Guest Post from Mistresses of Teasewear, Holloway Smith Noir.

When I invited the Lovely Ladies to write a special piece for our blog that encapsulates their stunning Sparkling Thong Giftset, our exclusive Valentine Giftset this year, I knew we'd be in for something truly delicious!  And of course they didn't disappoint! If this doesn't get juices tantalised and wanting one of thier very sparkly but oh so naughty & nice sets, in time for Valentine's Day or for stolen cheeky days off work, then nothing will!

So if you're wanting the gift that WILL keep on giving,  in time for the forthcoming Valentine's Day weekend, then place your order at Beautifully Undressed, before 11th February to be assured you receive your special gift in time for the Big Day!  Enjoy xx

‘The State of the Beautifully Undressed’

By Holloway Smith Noir

TigzRiceStudios_2013_Holloway_Smith_Noir6 He woke up tied to the bed again, and for fucks sake, with his best tie.  He yawned and wished he could rub his eyes.

Or move...

“Darling that’s my best tie.” He called out into the flat.

“I got you a new best tie.”

She appeared in the doorway fully dressed in his navy wool suit.

It was quite big for her.

And he didn’t usually team it with one of those tiny lacy eye covering things.

She looked like a naughty Charlie Chaplin minus tash, heavy on the pout.

A tie landed on the bed next to him...It was alright!

“But you’re not going  to need it today anyway.”

“Oh really, how did I swing that?”

“You know how I forgot our anniversary…?”

“Look, I said already, it’s not a big deal,”

“Well I’m making it up to you.”

She kicked the trousers to one side, turned around and bent over, legs spread, to take off her socks. (That were really his socks).

“I called you in sick to work.”

Her bare buttocks wobbled a bit under his jacket and something was catching the light on the lace between her legs.

“I said you had food poisoning”

She peered at him over her shoulder as she slid his jacket to her wrists.

“AH DONT WANT YOU, da na na na nah,” he piped up helpfully.

She grinned as she swung the jacket over her head and released it towards the half full water glasses on the window sill.

“TO WORK ALL DAY,” she joined in unbuttoning his shirt all the way to the last button, at which point she paused, in a delightfully practised way and took some time to indulge in sexy face posing before climbing up on the bed to straddle his waist.

Goodness gracious, she was beautiful.

Not in that generic way that requires excessive airbrushing.

She was beautiful watching DVDs and talking all the way through them, she was beautiful washing up on the rare occasion that it was her turn.

And now, finally divested of his shirt, with only little bits of twinkling lace to cover those eyes, those nipples, that sweet lady flower (her name not his), she was beautiful!

She turned around, a little clumsily, and planted her deliciously jiggling buttocks on his chest.

“Could you give me a little help with that, sir?”

She whispered, tugging on a small satin bow nestling on her coccyx seemingly holding everything in place, and needing to be removed with some urgency.

He looked at his restrained wrists hopefully

“You’ll have to untie me first.”

There was that naughty smile again.

“You’ve got teeth haven’t you?”

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